About Us


I created Platonic in response to the wishes of a dear friend of mine who was having trouble meeting people and just wanted a place to hang out on-line, to meet new people, to exchange ideas, thoughts and experiences – and to make new friends.


With that in mind, I developed Platonic.online as a safe place for people who share the same interests to gather, and if they so desired, to meet.  So, you will find here many categories that may interest you, inform you, educate you and expand your horizons – all from the comfort of your computer or your smart phone.

I invite you to Register, Create your Profile, Upload your Photo if you desire, and to Join a Group or Groups of your choice. Platonic Membership is Free.

You can begin by registering and creating your profile to start chatting and sharing all your interests with other members like you.   Join the group that matches your interests.  Exchange your thoughts, hobbies, art, music, dancing and meet with friends from all over the world.


And, please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, we are here to help.


Platonic – Just Friends – Just for You!!!



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